Returning Etymotic Products and Warranty Information

30-day Satisfaction Guarantee

We provide a 30-day satisfaction guarantee from the date of purchase on all Etymotic Research products except ETYPlugs. We accept a return on any earphone as long as it is returned in working condition and will provide a refund for the purchase price, not including any shipping charges.


We don't have a repair facility in Europe as we are only a distributor but we can process returns and exchanges for new pairs of earphones stull under warranty. For earphones out of warranty then you may want to consider our Special Purchase option.


Etymotic Research warrants all products against defects in material or workmanship for a period of either one or two years, depending on the product, from the date of original purchase. We will replace the defective product if returned within the warranty period. This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Due to the design and manufacture of most Etymotic Research consumer products, a repair option is not available.

Products with 2-year Warranty

Earphones & Headsets (wired) 


Headsets (Bluetooth) 


Products with 1-year Warranty


Headsets (wired)

Electronic Earplugs

MusicPRO MP9-15
EB Series

Shipping Charges

You are responsible for shipping charges when returning your product to EtymoticDirect both from within and outside the UK.
Free shipping back to UK customers for in-warranty products. For non-UK customers you will be asked to contribute towards shipping charges from EtymoticDirect to the address outside the UK (typically 25 Euros approx). For non-UK customers using the special purchase option you will be charged shipping at checkout.

Customer Damage

Etymotic's consumer electronics warranty policy applies only to in-warranty earphone and headset products purchased within the warranty period. Products that have been damaged or modified by the user are not covered, regardless of date of purchase.

Returning New Items

You must inform us of your intent to return the item by emailing us at including the order number, item description, the reason for return and as much information as possible. Please also include this information inside the parcel when you return the item to us.

In order for us to refund a product, it must be unworn, unmarked, in full working condition and in all original packaging (preferrably undamaged).

Returned items will be checked at the warehouse and a refund could take up to thirty days to be processed, although we will aim to refund you sooner wherever possible.

Returning Damaged Items still under Warranty

You must inform us of your intent to return the item by emailing us at including the item description, date and proof of purchase, images and description of any damage, plus any other relevant information. Please also include this information inside the parcel when you return the item to us.

Returned items will be checked at the warehouse and a replacement will be dispatched. Note that warranty replacements can take up to 30 days to be processed, although we will aim to replace the faulty/ damaged item sooner wherever possible.

Return Address:


Etymotic Direct

PC Werth

Richardson House

Boundary Business Court

Church Road



We also recommend writing "Return" in big letters on the side of the package. Whenever returning items, please ensure you keep your proof of postage to help cover you if the items go missing before they are received by our warehouse. 

Out of Warranty & Special Purchase Option

In most cases we will consider out of warranty earphones and headsets for the special purchase program. Please contact for more details and special purchase product prices.

  • To qualify for reduced prices, your product must be returned to Etymotic Direct at the above Returns address with a covering note/ explanation including your contact details (email, address, telephone)
  • Customer-damaged or modified earphones that are not covered under Etymotic's warranty policy are eligible for the Special Purchase Option
  • When the earphones are received by us we then issue a voucher which you can then use when purchasing a new set of earphones from the website: 
  • It is not necessary to re-purchase the same product you currently own
  • All purchases are new stock. No products have been opened, pre-owned or reconditioned