Etymotic ER200D Personal Noise Dosimeter with Data Logging



Etymotic Research ER-200D Personal Noise Dosimeter with Data logging capabilities assists in preventing overexposure to dangerous noise levels.

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Made by Etymotic Research Inc, the world leaders in protecting hearing from damage. Etymotic takes the cost and complication out of noise dosimetry. Sound level meters measure at discrete times, but dosimeters measure continually over time for a more accurate estimate of risk.

  • Color-coded LEDs indicate safe, borderline and high-risk exposures
  • Uses NIOSH Criteria - 85 dB criterion, 3 dB exchange rate, 75 dB threshold
  • Quick Check mode - 2-minute test calculates dose per hour, estimates potential risk of over-exposure (e.g. high-noise areas, power tools, concerts, sporting events)
  • Normal Check mode - Continuously measures noise up to 16 hours, auto power-off after 16 hours
  • Data logging capability includes USB cable and PC software (Windows)

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